There are only 12 days left before the big shindig, some call Christmas, I call Giftmas. I love the idea of “Let there be peace on earth..” and “Joy to the world..” but why does holiday shopping have more value than exercising? How will baking dozens of cookies instead of food prepping serve you? I am not sure how the holiday spirit takes precedent over being healthy and happy. Today and for the next 11 days I will be sending you a simple way to be healthy and happy during the holidays AND guess what?!? You can still go shopping, bake cookies, wrap presents, decorate trees, wear ugly sweaters, drink egg nog – you can do it all butthis year you will be HEALTHY & HAPPY!

If you are finding the holidays are preventing  you from being healthy and happy then you will definitely want to read the – 12 Days of Wellness!

DAY 1 On the first day of wellness that LisaFIT gave to me – (sing to the tune of “First day of Christmas…, don’t make me sing it for you.)

That is all it takes to lower your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure, reduce your cortisol (I call it, aka, stress hormone) levels. Deep breathing can also buy you time to react mindfully in a intense situation. It will be your best ally in making decisions because deep breathing helps clear the mind. 
**Just the other day I received some legal paperwork in the mail. I wanted to crawl into a ball under the sheets and wish it away. Instead – I took deep breaths, opened up the envelope, read it in a calm state of mind and reacted to it in a mindful way – in other words – called my lawyer but did it in a peaceful non panicky way. 🙂

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