Do You Stretch?

Most people don’t. I get it. It doesn’t make you muscular. It doesn’t make you lean. It is boring and a lot of times you probably don’t even know what to do unless you were given some physical therapy stretches from an old injury.
The cool thing about stretching is that you can do it anywhere, pretty much in any clothing and it can be done discreetly. You can stretch for 15 seconds - at a stop light or 2 minutes when you are standing in line at the grocery store. Any amount of stretching works and the only wrong way to do it is if you don’t feel anything or feel pain.
Here are a few ways to get more stretching into your life:
Stretch in the morning while taking a shower.
Stretch in the afternoon at your desk.
Stretch in the evening while watching a show.
Stretch at night in bed before you go to sleep.
The simplest way to being healthier is to add new habits into your life. Pick one of the times to stretch, stick with it for at least 20 days and now you have a new healthy habit.
I am here if you need any support in finding stretches that best suit your body and life.
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