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LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness TrainerI am a Health and Wellness Coach and certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and registered Yoga Teacher.  I started my fitness career teaching “jazzercise” at major health clubs in Southern California.  I also competed in fitness competitions that served a purpose in understanding the sensationalized “fit” that clients often want to obtain. I am on the Advisory Board for the Personal Trainer Program at Miramar College and often lecture to aspiring trainers about how to stay “personal” in their training.  I have traveled for a fitness company, ActivMotion Bar teaching other professionals the value of a dynamic workout.  I utilize my formal education in Holistic Health, Eastern Medicine and Executive Life Coaching to help clients work through all challenges in making positive changes so that they can move forward in a happier and healthier life.  At some point in everyone’s journey you must realize the physical body is just a portion that brings you peace.  Finding balance with your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulful pieces of your being seems to be the healthiest equation for happiness.  My current life consists of finding balance between my business in helping people become healthy in all aspects of who they are, motivating my three teenagers to stay focused on their personal health and not forgetting my own journey into being healthier.

We all struggle with finding balance in our life and sometimes the one thing that is lost is choosing to invest in ourselves.  We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our homes.  We spend money on fixing our cars or buying new ones.  We invest time at work trying to secure our future.  We are doing so much for our children’s well being.  What are you doing for yourself?  How much thought, money, time, energy – do you spend on yourself?  It is a life long journey to being happy with your body and healthy in your mind.  Start today!


Be well – Lisa

Reviews From My Clients

Virginia, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Mother

My 7th Grade Girl Scout Troop recently took a kickboxing class with Lisa. The girls had a great time! They really enjoyed learning the different techniques and Lisa kept them moving and energized with music and enthusiasm. Any time you can motivate 7th grade girls to really enjoy an activity is a win! We’d love to come back again for a more advanced class as well.

Natalie K.

Lisa’s instruction is given in such a way that it motivates towards achieving a goal. It’s a holistic practice as it’s considerate of all the diverse fitness and yoga education Lisa has experienced and consistently pursues. Lisa can be trusted to take you safely to your goals in a fun, safe, positive environment.

Annalise, age 37, Dentist, Mother

Lisa is 100 % dedicated to her clients. She cares about my all around health, mentally and physically. I have been training with her for almost a year. She keeps me in check and genuinely wants the best for her clients. She gets you the results you want!!

Laurie, age 64

Business Owner, Mother, Fitness Competitor

I have been training at LisaFit for 2 1/2 years. Lisa has helped me improve and maintain my fitness level. I enjoy working with Lisa and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness goals.



Lisa’s workout’s are fantastic! I played sports in college and haven’t had work outs like this in years. No way would I push myself on my own the way I do. Lisa show’s a lot of “tough love” and always does it with a smile on her face! Unbelieveable workouts…love them all. THANKS LISA!!

Miranda, age 37


Lisa is amazing. Not only has she changed my whole lifestyle, but I am actually enjoying the process. She challenges me further then I could ever challenge myself but doesn’t push me to the point where I don’t want to go back. My eating has become clean and flawless and my health has done a complete 180. I have lost 53lbs. She is the best! 



I just love Lisa’s workouts..if you think you are fit and strong, she will make you rethink about how fit you actually are  she likes to push ppl, especially the ones who can handle it but just don’t believe they can and just complain..sounds like me  i bet you will feel great ..Thanks for the great workouts Lisa !!



Lisa is a fantastic trainer. She is constantly upbeat and keeps the workouts entertaining but still challenging. It is easy to see that Lisa LOVES working out and helping others get in shape and so its no surprise that she always goes above and beyond. I highly recommend everyone workout with her.
Bryan -Entrepreneurer Lisa is an inspiration both physically and mentally. Just when you think you have given all you have to give, she pushes you further, assisting you to take you to the next level and achieve your goals! Thanks Lisa for all the you do! 

Chris, age 31


You are the best personal trainer I have ever worked with! I believe that I already had a pretty good level of fitness, but you still managed to kick my butt. You worked my body in way that I never knew was possible. Most importantly, you gave me the tools and information you need to do the exercises on my own, long. I realize upon completion of the course/training that I was pushed harder than I may have ever been pushed before.

Cindy, age 37

Educator – Principal

Lisa is amazing. I began training with Lisa over the summer and then in preparation for my wedding increased my sessions with her to multiple times a week. I have had other trainers over the past couple of years and know one has ever been as knowledgable as Lisa. She knows exactly what your body needs when it come to working out but also nutrition. She really cares about you and will even text you over the weekends to make sure you are staying on track. I have always been in shape and pretty fit but I wanted to be lean and really toned for my wedding and Lisa made it happen! I absolutely love the way I look and am so very thankful that I went to her. I have never had such definition in my arms before and this is the first time I have liked my legs too! My wedding pictures are fantastic due to her workouts, and her implementation of my food journal. She also knows exactly how to pose and helped me practice so I would be ready the day of my wedding! Lisa is worth every penny and more. My wedding is over but I am continuing to go to her because of how great she is. You will not regret spending the time with Lisa at LisaFit!!

Dave, age 71

Ultra Marathoner 

Always positive, encouraging, supportive. No nonsense, can do attitude. Pushes you to limits you never thought possible. Professional and polished.

Sarah, age 64

Retired Principal, Triathlete 

Here is what I love and appreciate about Lisa: 1. She is passionate, dedicated and inspiring 2. She is very knowledgeable and willingly shares her knowledge (in a very helpful way) re: nutrition, body awareness, injury prevention and rehab, toning, strength and over-all well being 3. She is engaging-daily inspiration or conversation starter that also serves as a motivation 4. She is a great role model I absolutely love my time with Lisa.

Karen, age 63


Lisa is a jewel. She is a treasure to me. My life is changed due to this woman.



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