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LisaYBI began my fitness career early on teaching  “Jazzercise” while attending college.  I received an Associates in Science with an emphasis on entering a premedicine program.  It wasn’t until I did a research paper on “Alternative Medicine” that I realized another world of treating the body existed.  In 1994 I was accepted into an Oriental Medicine Masters program at a private college in San Diego, California.  I left the school as a Holistic Health Practitioner and began practicing in Coronado, California.  While starting my business I was fortunate to work with a supplement company.  I found myself surrounded by bodybuilders and fitness competitors which prompted me to compete.  I placed third at Max Muscle Naturals in the fitness division and first place at Ms. Fitness Camp Pendleton.  Although it feels great to win, the prize has always been in the process.  To this day one of my biggest accomplishments is enduring true “labor” naturally three times.  While raising three children I stayed current in the fitness world.  I received my Personal Trainer’s certificate along with Group Exercise Instructor and Kickboxing.  To add to my repertoire I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher program.  My constant desire to grow and learn keeps me current in the field of health and fitness.  You can always find me inventing new exercises and thinking “outside the box” in terms of working out. My holistic approach to each individual is unique.

I get results because I train the body, mind and spirit.  It is my belief that one does not exist without the other.  Changes and achievements occur when all three factors are addressed.  Longevity in maintaining your goals occurs when there is a constant union of body, mind and spirit.  Each workout is catered to what your body can endure, what your mind can comprehend and what your spirit will grow from.  It is a true journey and I look forward to beginning it with you.

Be well – Lisa

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    Lisa Yee

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