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LisaYBI am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and registered Yoga Teacher.  I started my fitness career teaching “jazzercise” at major health clubs in Southern California.  I also competed in fitness competitions that served a purpose in understanding the sensationalized “fit” that clients often want to obtain. I am on the Advisory Board for the Personal Trainer Program at Miramar College and often lecture to aspiring trainers about how to stay “personal” in their training.  I travel for a fitness company, ActivMotion teaching other professionals the value of a dynamic workout.  I utilize my formal education in Holistic Health and Eastern Medicine to help clients work through mental and emotional challenges in making positive changes in their body and health.  At some point in everyone’s journey through life you must realize the physical body is just a portion that brings you peace.  Finding balance with the body, mind and spirit seems to be the healthiest equation for happiness.  My current life consists of finding balance between my business in helping people become healthy, keeping my three teenagers focused on their personal health and not forgetting my own journey into being healthier.

We all struggle with finding balance in our life and sometimes the one thing that is lost is choosing to invest in ourselves.  We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our homes.  We spend money on fixing our cars or buying new ones.  We invest time at work trying to secure our future.  We are doing so much for our children’s well being.  What are you doing for yourself?  How much thought, money, time, energy – do you spend on yourself?  It is a life long journey to being happy with your body and healthy in your mind.  Start today!


Be well – Lisa

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    Lisa Yee

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