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Am I Right for You

In the photo can you see the person on the left sitting down using his phone.  That person is the trainer.  There is another person on the right side of the photo sitting on a mat, she is the client.  The client was stretching in a way that was not as efficient as it could be.  The other day when I was parking in Coronado I saw a guy yelling at a handful of women in the park.  He was standing about 10 feet away from them saying, “Keep going, 5 more, 4 more,..”  Everyone was doing pushups and either struggling or cheating.

I don’t look at any of these trainers as bad trainers just different from me.  They are totally and utterly different from me.  I am not able to watch you do something without showing you ways to do it better.  I am not able to stand back when you look like you need help.  I cannot be in your space while you are doing something that could potentially hurt you later on.  It is super hard for me to stay quiet, bite my tongue, look away or ignore.  Lastly, there is no way I would motivate you or say, “Keep going” if what you are doing is wrong for you.  I can’t be that person but there a lot of them out there.

The way I am may not be for you and that is okay.  I am an in your face, intense, don’t let you get away with anything, call you on your S–T type of trainer and type of person . I am not easy going or laid back.  And for most of you, I am way too much . I get that.

Luckily for my studio, there are three other trainers that might be a better fit for you.  Check them out and give them a try.  They are all offering free consultations and some do a free trial workout.  You never know, they might be better for you.

Am I right for you?

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