Yes – just this morning I “lectured” about this and it made me feel the need to post it. Are you a team? What do I mean? Is your body, mind and spirit all playing for the same team?

You can walk into a gym and workout – that is team player 1, your body. You can focus on feeling your muscles contract – that is team player 2, your mind, You can tell yourself, “I know I can do this” – that is team player 3, your spirit. All the players on this team are working together to maximize the quality of your workout as well as increasing the benefits of your time in the gym, That is your best scenario, being a team of body, mind and spirit.

What happens when you go workout and your body is doing all the work but your mind is mentally checked out and your spirit is saying, “I can’t do this”? Are you a team? I know you think just showing up to a workout is enough and for some it may be the first step to taking control of your health but if you think you are going to be able to break limits and set new strides, then you will need the help of your mind and spirit. If your body is the only player working hard then guess what happens next? Your body stops, the players fight with each other and the team loses.

What are you trying to accomplish right now? Are you a team? Whatever you are doing, stop and ask yourself, “Am I a team?” You can go through the motion – team player 1 your body. This is where most of us are in life, just moving through our day. You will need the help of team player 2 the mind. The mind has to focus on the present and think about what you are doing. Try your best to not distract yourself with television, gossip/multimedia sites or internet browsing. Instead create a plan, talk about ideas and write down how to obtain goals. This is where some of us are. Your success is determined by team player 3 your spirit. Are you telling yourself things like, “I can’t handle this”, “I am so wiped out”, “I am done”. Those words will only sabotage what you want to accomplish. Instead use a mantra that resonates with you. It could be a saying from a song or part of a poem or even a quote from an author. Write it down and put it up on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, on the steering wheel of your car and in the front of your wallet. My favorite is to have it be the “wallpaper” on your phone and screen saver on your computer.

Stop right now from being the person holding you back. It takes a team and you have all the players.

Are you a team?



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