I ask a lot of clients to keep a Fitness Journal.  They dread it because they have to write down EVERYTHING.  I hear, “This is a pain in the a_ _.”  I understand that but people need to be accountable in order for success.  My clients who want to see significant changes in their body must track everything they are eating, doing, thinking and feeling.  In my experience when people take the time to write (use paper and pen, not an ipad or their phone or an app), put in the effort and feel comfortable sharing with me – those people have the most success but this is not always the case.  Plenty of clients will write very little so then I have to ask questions, inquire more and literally “drill them”.  I don’t like doing that but in order to have success with anything, you have to be held accountable.  You have to be honest.  You must be able to admit what you have done.

So many people will cut me off and say something like ,”It’s nothing” or “I can’t remember” or “It was no big deal”.  They always say it very defensively to which raises the “red flag”.  Thats when my radar goes up and I feel like my client is hiding something.

At one point you will be held accountable for your actions.  If not with me, then with someone else or some higher power.  We all answer to someone or something.  It’s called your conscience.  You must be be honest with what you do.  Could you watch a video tape of yourself and be proud of what you saw?  You have to be okay at looking at who you are.  Can you look in the mirror without criticism or cynicism?  You have to be accepting of answering to those who care about you.  Can you talk vulnerably with your loved ones without being defensive?  This my friends is called being accountable.

Are you accountable?



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