You can work out all you want but unless your body is in correct postural alignment you won’t be able to maximize your efforts.  Days in the gym and you don’t see as much muscle tone.  Hours doing cardio and you may never see abdominals.  Maybe you aren’t sure why you keep injuring yourself.  Alignment is the key.

You must be aligned in the gym and out of the gym.  Your actions have to follow your words.  Your words have to be extensions of your thoughts.  Your thoughts have to be waves of your dreams.  Your dreams must follow your heart.  It all must be aligned in order to succeed.

When I use to teach yoga inversion workshops I would tell students, “Heels, hips, heart and head must all be in one line for you to be upside down.  Once that takes place, you no longer struggle.  You know longer feel heavy.  You feel light.  You are aligned.”

Are you aligned?

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