I am big on reading “the signs”.  The body is always telling you what it needs by sending signs.  Like when you are tired, its time to go easy.  When you are coming down with a cold – you need to get more sleep.  When you are injured, time to take a break.  When you are hungry, you should eat.  When you are thirsty, you need to drink.  There are constant signs.  You can choose to read them or ignore them.  If you ignore them sooner or later you will hit this sign, “Dead End”.

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Are You At A Dead End?

I came across this sign while running from my home to a rental car company because my car decided to stop working.  It was interesting to read a sign, “Dead End”.  I sort of felt that way with all the stresses of the week and now dealing with car trouble.  Then I saw the road after the sign that opened up to a gorgeous sunny path with the ocean horizon gleaming beyond.  It was a dead end for an automobile, which clearly I didn’t have but a beautiful path for pedestrians and cyclists.  My mishaps took me to this point, “Dead End” and it was amazing.  The run pass the sign was exhilarating.  It was a continuous slow grade uphill with a clear view of the ocean.  I couldn’t have asked for a better “Dead End” road.

We all get to dead ends in our lives and I am sure I am not alone in reading “the signs” or thinking things happen for a reason.  Just like the photo below.  We can focus on the actual sign that reads, “Dead End” and fixate on what got us to the dead ends of our paths. (OR) You can see the sign and acknowledge that one path has ended but realize that one path is waiting for you to start.  You can understand that the path that brought you to the dead end also brought you to the new beginning.

Are you at a dead end?

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