You can schedule appointments with me.  You can swear you are working out on your own.  You can create the perfect fitness journal.  You can promise that you are following the nutritional guidelines.  You can do all that and still not get the results you want.  Do you know why?  You are not being honest.

Honesty allows your mind, body and spirit to exist in the same space.  Just because your mind says, “I want ….”, doesn’t mean your body is doing what it needs to get what you want.  Nor does it mean that your spirit is committed to withstand temptation and sabotage that can get in the way of what you want.  You have to be honest with yourself.

As your trainer, I can only do so much. My relationship with you relies on trust since I am not in your presence all the time.  The truth is seen in the results gained or not gained.  Honesty is seen when you look at yourself in the mirror.  You don’t answer to me, you answer to yourself.

Are you being honest?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 36

Are You Being Honest?

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