I have clients fill out Fitness Journals when we are trying to lose weight. It’s the best way to view what they are doing/eating when they are away from me.  It’s an accounting of their own actions.  They have to be honest in order for the journal to work.  Sometimes the client lies.

I can usually tell when someone is lying.  Their words don’t match their tone of voice.  They over explain.  They can’t recall details.  It doesn’t make sense.  They can’t give me eye contact.  They get defensive when I ask questions.  They try to change the subject.  They start asking me questions.  These are all lie tactics.

What happens when someone lies?  They feel guilty.  Guilt is heavy weight.  I can help you get rid of fat but I can’t help you with that weight – guilt. You need to be truthful
to lighten up your life.  If not honest with me – be honest with yourself.

Are you feeling heavy?

Are You Feeling Heavy?

Are You Feeling Heavy?

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