In the world of weight management people are overly concerned with calories that they are willing to consume chemicals.  I just posted information about artificial sweeteners last night.  Then decided to do more research on the topic to the point of
not sleeping until way after midnight because I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

-Did you know there are no long term studies done on humans?
-Did you know there is no confirmed documentation on how it effects a child?
-Did you know that all artificial sweeteners had some type of abdominal discomfort side effect?
-Did you know they are all chemicals?

If it tastes sweet and has NO SUGAR then it’s not real food you are ingesting.    Beware of labels that say, “No Artificial Sweeteners”, “No Sugar Added”, “Low Calorie” or my favorite, “No Calories”.  You are what you eat.

Be for real and stop putting fake foods into you body.  You have just one body so take good care of it.  Give it real food that can create true fuel to promote pure healthy returns.  You might just find that your headaches, stomach aches, joint aches and overall body problems diminish.  It’s worth a try.

Are you for real?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 53

Are You For Real?

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