So many people come to me because they are NOT happy with their bodies. They are NOT happy with their health. They are NOT happy with their choices that have led them to where they are now. They are NOT happy with their health and wellness. And what do I have to say to that? NO EXCUSES! Life is WAY too short to be unhappy.

I just sent out postcards to people on my mailing list. The card simply says, “I hope you are happy with your body and healthy in your choices. If you are not – then do something different.” Its just that simple my friends – either you stay unhappy doing the same thing or you change things up and work on being happy. Key word is “WORK”.

For instance, when I go do a workout – it makes me happy because I am carving out time for myself and investing energy into my health. As I am driving to the gym I start my mindset, “Give to myself” Once I park, I put on my earbuds, crank the tunes and start singing. I walk into the gym already smiling. I am in the zone to give to myself. I do a quick 5 minute warm up and I make sure to smile the entire time. Smiling elicits happy feelings and happy thoughts AND it’s contagious. Smiling is a powerful tool – try it. I sing and smile for five minutes. Then I head to the weight room and I find a spot in the gym where I can set up “LisaFIT camp” – is what I call it. I know I don’t smile while I am training hard and I don’t expect anyone to smile when they are struggling to get through a rep or a circuit. BUT – once I grab my jump rope to do some quick conditioning inbetween sets – I am ALL SMILES. I am one happy jumper. I am singing, smiling and moving to my music. It is all happy thoughts – “Giving to myself”. It doesn’t matter if I am going to the gym, taking a run, heading into a yoga class or hitting the ocean, what makes me happy is giving to myself – investing into my health. My whole world could be crumbling down around me but as long as I can give a slither of time to my health and wellness, I am one happy camper!

Where do you give to your health and wellness that puts a big smile on your face? If you struggle with answering that question let me help you. After all, happiness is contagious when you surround yourself with happy people. I promise your time with me will bring a big smile to your face. You will leave feeling super happy and you will stay feeling incredibly healthy!


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