There is a song by Christina Perri called, “Human”.  It made me think of the statement, “You are only human” and how that allows people to do wrong.  Sometimes I want to cheat, to yell, be bad, self absorbed, selfish, give into temptation, act out of anger and just be “human”.  Last week I was so stressed. I had to get taxes done.  I was tired from spring beak with kids.  I was double booking to make a trip happen.  I woke up to a yelling conversation.  I went to sleep to a mean email.  I was sadly insulted.  I was wrongly blamed.   It felt like I was everyone’s punching bag.  I was done!

I went to the gym as usual, my sanctuary – my place of insight.  I took my workouts to that I don’t know if I am crying or sweating level.  I changed my playlists to all songs that screamed profanity.   I trained to failure in every exercise and I trained heavy.  I took it all out at the gym where I know I would not have any regrets afterwards.  If anyone was going to pay for my need to self absorbed, selfish, angry – it was going to be me..  If anyone was going to be hurt by my actions, it would be me.  Every day that I worked out I kept saying to myself, “I am only human!”

It hit me, why do we say, “I am only human” when we want to give into temptation, cheat, be bad?   Why can’t the phrase, “I am only human” mean walk away from temptation, be honest, choose good?  Haven’t we evolved from Adam and Eve?

Are You Human?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 49

Are You Human?

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