From time to time a client will tell me, “But I am so hungry!” Usually they say this after a few days of living the LisaFIT rules of fueling. Trust me, I never want a person to go hungry. Physiologically hunger can cause a lot of symptoms that can take from your body. You never want to deplete your body so much that you can’t think well or can’t function every day activities. Your body won’t be able to recover efficiently and essentially you won’t be able to push yourself in the gym. I don’t want that to happen.

I tell clients when they feel “hungry” do the hunger test. Drink 16oz of water quickly and then do ten jump squats or lunges. If you feel light headed or dizzy then you are probably hungry and I need to review your Fitness Journal. If not, then you are not physiologically hungry. You most likely are mentally hungry and that is a whole other story.

Give it a try, next time you feel “hungry” do the Hunger Test. I have yet to have anyone tell me they are truly hungry. Plus- once you do ten jump squats you will probably want to workout after that. So instead of grabbing for a snack, you can get a workout in – Your welcome!

Are you hungry?

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Are You Hungry?

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