I get made fun of all the time for how I eat.  My kids make faces at my blended drinks and green goulash.  My friends tease me about the “rules” I have when eating after certain times.  Even my clients enjoy poking fun at my choice of foods.

Here’s the deal folks- I like the way I eat.  I never complain.  I don’t ever make a big deal.  I keep to myself unless someone asks.  I can always find something on the menu.  I look forward to creating super clean dishes semi raw with no added sauces.  I take pleasure in eating what I know is pure fuel.

I think it’s funny that everyone else brings more attention to my food than I do.  Its silly when people look disgusted at my green juice.  I laugh when I get asked, “How can you eat / drink that?”  I am amused at the amount of comments I get when I make a protein shake.

It’s all worth it when I see my results.  Your thinking results in my body right?  Wrong.  I mean results as in impact that I have on others to eat better.  If it means I have to be the joke in order to be the inspiration, then so be it.  Laugh away!

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 34

Are You Laughing At Me?

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