gym membership

I met a new client last week. He walks in and hands me my paperwork and says, “I didn’t fill it out because I am not ready to commit but don’t worry – I will pay you.” I say, “I am not asking for a commitment.” When a person walks into my studio, there are no contracts to sign, membership levels or commitments to hold you down. All I ask is that you listen with an open mind and I will listen with an open heart, that you do what you say and I will do exactly what I say, that you tell me what you want so I can do whatever I can to help you and in trade you do whatever it is necessary to help yourself.
This is a relationship between you and I, the only binding “contract” or commitment is your conscience. My new client decided to fill out the paperwork at the end of the session. I said, “You sure you want to do that?  How do you know I am ready to commit?”

Are you ready to commit?

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