Yesterday I ate four pieces of sprouted bread, two tablespoons of almond butter, three vegan tenders, one tablespoon of hummus, half cup cooked kaniwa, a handful of berries and my homemade kale beet drink. Mind you I did start my day at 4AM. After 12P I significantly slowed my eating down because my activity slowed down and I knew I would be in bed by 8PM. I had an one apple, ten ounce protein shake, half cup of cooked carrots with kale, one cup of quinoa and another homemade kale beet drink. You can do the math to find out how many calories, fat, protein, etc., etc., but the reality is – you need to fuel yourself up for the day.
If you are going on a long road trip, you make sure to have a full tank of gas. Each day that we live is like a long road trip. You don’t always know where all the fuel stations are (when you will have the opportunity to eat). You don’t always know what the traffic will be like (the things that pop up that make your day busy). You just don’t know.
Most people start their day on empty and end their day with a big meal that they feel full. Try this: eat most of your calories the first eight hours of your day and slowly taper off eating as your day ends. Crazy idea to start your day FULL and end your day EMPTY.

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