Clients are so impatient about seeing results especially when losing weight.  The number one result indicator is standing on the scale.  I say throw that away.  The number two result indicator is looking in the mirror.  I don’t
promote doing that because what we see is subjective.  I prefer clients to use how their clothing feels and measurements but the ultimate indicator is when someone notices your results and says something to you.

So I have been surfing again.  Some days I feel I am getting better and other days I feel like I am getting worse.  Either way I get into the ocean and paddle and stand and fall and kneel and wipe out.  I go to the same beach, usually at around the same time and see a lot of the same people.  Today the life guard told me, “You are really getting better.”  I was beaming!

A lot of times we don’t see what everyone else does.  We can’t see the results we are making because we are our worse critics.  It’s is so nice when someone else recognizes it and is open enough to tell you.

Are you seeing results?

Are You Seeing Results?

Are You Seeing Results?

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