I am guessing most of you said “Yes” to that question. I am working on this myself. I know we are deeper than skin deep. I know we don’t judge in a loving world. I know we are our own worse enemies. I get that but when I am getting ready to put on a bathing suit – those phrases all go out the window! It has been over 15 years since I have worn a two piece bathing suit in public. I recently broke my streak of wearing a one piece this 4th of July. I figured it was a great time to do it. Huntington Beach, 50,000 people so if you are going to “not care” – why not in an environment that is packed with wall to wall people. It felt liberating to walk around in a bikini again. I could see other mothers looking at me with appreciation for what I was exposing. It was empowering to not let something hold me back. I was exposing something that I had been embarrassed of for 15 years – my mom stomach.
I am 5ft tall, my babies were 9lbs and my stomach did not agree with any of that. I had consulted with plastic surgeons and they all agreed that my stretch marks and loose skin were all in the wrong areas for a positive surgical outcome. Not to mention I would be out of commission doing “LisaFIT” workouts for about six months and I would risk health complications because it was a major surgery. It was depressing to me. You are talking to someone that lived in a bikini. I loved bathing suit shopping and I had probably more suits than shoes.
So I chose to do something very unconventional – I embellished my stomach. I camouflaged it with ink. I was surprised to find out that there are very few women who have chosen this path. If you google, “Tattoo to cover stomach stretch marks from pregnancy” – you don’t find much. There you have it – that cats out of the bag. I have a HUGE tattoo across my belly that flows from my left thigh, across my stomach and up my right rib cage. No secret – I did it about three years ago and it has taken me this long to share it with you.
I am still self conscious of my stomach but I am getting better about allowing the world to see my scars. I am getting better about letting people see who I really am. I am working on being conscious of my self but not so self conscious that it inhibits me from being ME!


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  1. Sara Rosenthal on July 23, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    HAHAHA I don’t see any “Mom Stomach” there. I WISH my stomach looked that good! I actually wanted to check in with you since we are about the same height and this is the exact problem I am having. Tummy after baby (who is now going on 10 months old…) CHEERS!

    • admin on July 24, 2015 at 9:27 am

      Hi Sara – email me lisa@lisafit.com. I would love to help you and your mommy tummy!!

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