When you walk into LisaFIT it’s because you want me to help you, that is a vulnerable place to be in.  When we start talking about why you haven’t met your goals on your own, it is a very emotional discussion.  When you start training with me it is a very intimate setting because it is just you and I.  The whole process is challenging and it requires compassion, empathy and a lot of sensitivity on both of our parts.

Recently I was told that I am “too sensitive” and it was not the first time nor do I think it will be the last time.  I use to take offense to those words.  Now that I am older I take it as a compliment although it is never said to me in a kind voice.  I grew up being called “too sensitive”.  I was sad watching “Charlotte’s Web”.  It made me sensitive to what happens to animals in order for us to eat them.  My parents said, “Just don’t think about it and eat your food!”.  At school I was bullied from second grade to seventh grade.  My sister would yell at the kids.  My parents would tell me to ignore them.  I was hurt because people were mean.  It made me more sensitive to the words that I say to other people and how much they can hurt.  I used to watch the news in the morning and hear about the deaths, accidents and illnesses.  I felt terrible for those people and anyone who had to endure such pain.  I was told in a matter of fact sort of way, “Death happens everyday”, which to me seemed an insensitive thing to say even if it is a fact.  Still today if the song, “Same Love” comes on I tear up because I cannot imagine being hated for who I love.

So I understand that to the rest of the world I am “too sensitive”.  I am affected by they way we treat animals.  I am hurt by the words people say not just to me but to each other and behind close doors.  I pause my breath every time I hear of a death.  I let things effect me which makes me “too sensitive” by majority but who is to say that the majority is right.  My sensitivity allows me to be vulnerable, emotional and intimate with clients, friends and family.  Can you say the same for you?  How many of you choose to “not think about it” to make yourself less
sensitive?  How many of you yell through your emotions so you won’t cry?  How many of you ignore to manage your hurt?  How many of you have become callus to death because you hear about it all the time?  How many of you hate what is unfamiliar to you?  How many of you still feel the need to hold back your tears so others won’t
think you are “too sensitive”

Are you too sensitive?

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Are You Too Sensitive?

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