Are You Too Strong?

I taught yoga to about 200 girls this weekend. It was a sea of pink shirts and one girl in brown. She was too strong to wear pink. Once the class began, I saw girls giggle and be silly. She was too strong to act in such a way. At one point in the class where everyone was closing their eyes and doing a pose, the girl in brown chose to sit down on the ground. Throughout the class she rolled her eyes, smirked and folded her arms. She worked so hard to dismiss yoga. She was so tough that she was able to deny herself a new experience. She wanted everyone to see that she was so strong. She was too strong.

During Savasana, a part in yoga where everyone lays down on their back, extends arms and legs and opens palms – I could see her restlessness. I could sense her desire to participate but she was fighting it. Her strength was hurting her. I walked over and placed my hand on her hand and just stayed with her for a few breaths. I said, “You are okay.”

I don’t know how much of an impact it had on her but I fought tears. For the few breaths that I was near her I witnessed a tough strong girl who was on guard turn into a vulnerable little girl that was able to relax. She was okay.

Being strong isn’t always your best ally. At one point you must be able to lay vulnerably, exposed and open and feel “okay” with it.

Are you too strong?


Be happy with your body and healthy in your mind!


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