Around this time of the year people are always telling me that they are waiting for the “1st of the year” to start their diet, to join a gym, begin yoga, hire a trainer, etc.  I hear, “It’s the holidays so I just want to wait.”

Guess what?  Thanksgiving and Christmas are TWO days.  There will always be some day or some thing that will come between you and your goals if you let it.  Why give the holidays the power to alter your health or how you feel about yourself?  Why give up the control over your life?

I am here to tell you that saying, “I am waiting…”  Is just another EXCUSE!  Think about all the things in your life that are on hold because you are “waiting”.  How long have you been waiting?  Maybe you are “hoping” things will change.  Some of you are “wanting” it to be easier.

Waiting, Hoping, Wanting are words that give you permission to do no action.  They will hold you in a state of purgatory.  They are EXCUSE words that release you of responsibility and give all the power to the unknown.  In other words you are powerless and the goals you have will not be met if you keep saying, “I am waiting” or “I am hoping” or “I am wanting”.

I encourage you to take a look at what you NEED right now that will make you healthy and then do it TODAY! No more waiting for the 1st of the year, the next month, this week to be over or tomorrow.  Stop excusing yourself for being essentially unhappy and unhealthy.

Instead of waiting for the 1st, tell yourself that you will have your goal in place by the 1st.  Write down three things that need to be done to make your goal happen and have them all checked off before the 1st.  Meaning you will already have had 40 plus days of working towards your goal instead of 40 days of waiting, hoping and wanting.

Are you waiting for the 1st?

Are You Waiting For The 1st?

Are You Waiting For The 1st?

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