By LisaFIT | November 29, 2020

SUPER SMALL BUSINESS SUNDAY!! This holiday season find a reason to support your local SUPER SMALL BUSINESSES! My studio, LisaFit offers: Virtual Sessions Wellness Journals Organifi Products They make amazing gifts for your friends, your family and yourself. Let me help you give the gift of wellness!! DM me and let’s chat about personalized packages…

Funniest Exercise Quote!

By LisaFIT | November 28, 2020

Some laugh so hard and others workout so hard – that they pee their pants! If you think that is funny, another client shares with me, “I have a fear of being stolen.” I laughed so hard – I almost pee”d my pants!

Happy Thankful Day!

By LisaFIT | November 26, 2020

I am thankful for your support and your business!

Too Soon To Decorate?

By LisaFIT | November 24, 2020

Never too soon to start your holiday season feeling GREAT by feeding your body SUPERFOODS! Get the Green Juice: blend of wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, matcha green tea, ashwagandha, turmeric and more! Get the Red Juice: blend of pomegranate, cranberry, açaí, beet, reishi mushroom and more. Mix the two together and check off be healthy…

Exercise sometimes isn’t the best.

By LisaFIT | November 23, 2020

Exercise sometimes isn’t the best. Listen to my story and get a good laugh at what happened the other day when I decided to get my sweat on.

What Do You Max Out?

By LisaFIT | November 19, 2020

What Do You Max Out? Meditating doesn’t come easy for me so I have to fold my body into a deep stretch to stay still. The beauty of this is that I get a good stretch while meditating. It is a 2 for 1. Not sure what all the pro-meditators would say about this, not…

Thanks Shoutout Socal!

By LisaFIT | November 18, 2020

Thanks Shoutout Socal for the publicity this month! Meet Lisa Yee | Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

How Can You Be Effective and Efficient?

By LisaFIT | November 17, 2020

How Can You Be Effective and Efficient? Here is a client who was training for a physical test for a government job. There were specifics on his form and body positioning. Any misalignment or poor movement, he would be disqualified. He came to me to be effective and efficient in his movement so that there…

I’m Still Standing

By LisaFIT | November 16, 2020

Another closure for many small businesses. This is breaking my heart. I am a third generation small business owner. My grandparents owned a laundry mat in Los Angeles. My father owned an automotive repair shop in Santa Ana. Do what you can to support small businesses. Keep Them Standing!! Click link to read my latest…

Happy Friday the 13th!

By LisaFIT | November 13, 2020

Happy Friday the 13th! Someone is not healthy or happy today. I haven’t been consistent in posting for the past two weeks. I keep thinking, “I want to post something interesting.” Well if this isn’t interesting then I don’t know what is. 7AM, Friday 13th: Eight police cars, several officers, two detectives and one criminal.…