Be Healthy Be Happy No Excuses

By LisaFIT | November 14, 2020

How Does Your Body Feel?

By LisaFIT | October 26, 2020

How Does Your Body Feel? If you consistently care of your body – nourish it, restore it, move it, replenish it, stretch it, relax it and love it – it feels pretty darn good. Occasionally you may get a kink, tweak, cramp or something that reminds you to be mindful. If you are experiencing more…

LisaFit Til You Die!

By LisaFIT | October 23, 2020

This was taken nine years ago. I felt like I had made it with my business.I had passed my one year mark as a small business owner. I had left all my other fitness jobs to do full time Lisafit. Most of all – you know you have made it when your kids’ principal dresses…

Be The Best!!

By LisaFIT | October 22, 2020

BE THE BEST! So clearly you can see that I had some fun with this and I have to admit, I enjoyed every minute of altering the photo. I didn’t win the title but I am the best at what I do. Personal Training doesn’t sum up all that I am. I am a Personal…

Need A Little Push?

By LisaFIT | October 22, 2020

Need A Little Push? For the past month I have been feeling a bit “eck” as my daughter puts it. I felt low energy, lack of motivation and just plain – BLAH! I exhausted myself with the working to keep my business going. I frustrated myself with the Wellness Journal. I annoyed myself with harassing…


By LisaFIT | October 20, 2020

ARE YOU GLOWING? The other day a client said to me, “I was going to say – you are glowing.” I had just started taking Glow by Organifi on Friday. A few clients and myself did a tasting test and we all agree it tastes good. It is raspberry lemonade flavor and you mix it…

Happy Monday!

By LisaFIT | October 19, 2020

Happy Monday! Most people have the hardest time exercising on Monday. My studies have shown. I have more cancellations on Monday. I hear more excuses on Monday. What is up with MONDAY? It is just like every other day. If exercise is your daily regimen then it doesn’t matter what day it is – you…

Workout Anyone?

By LisaFIT | October 13, 2020

Workout Anyone? The past months have really challenged everyone’s wellness. For me, my exercise regimen plays a huge part in feeling well. I use to go to the gym at the same time everyday and see the same people. On weekends I would take the same hot yoga class and place my mat in the…

Resilience & Wellness

By LisaFIT | October 12, 2020

JGray & Associates I couldn’t be more excited to host this upcoming Panel Webinar on Resilience & Wellness with @lisayeefit @villagehealthllc and @laurastellier on 10.21.20 at 4:30 p.m. CST To register and get the invite – go to

Bring Your Dog To Exercise at LisaFit!

By LisaFIT | October 12, 2020

Bring Your Dog To Exercise at LisaFit! One of the perks to being a business owner is that I get to say, “YES – you can bring your dog!!” In fact, if you leave your dog all day to go to work and then head to me after work feeling guilty for not being with…