Please Wait!

By LisaFIT | February 18, 2021

I get that the gym is a good place to meet people but can you please wait until I put the weights down?

What is your therapy?

By LisaFIT | February 15, 2021

I see all your photos of sunrises, sunsets, clouds, waves, mountains and snow but what does that do for you? How are you effected by seeing nature’s beauties? What happens when you get to witness mother earth at her finest? I ask because I was curious if it is therapy for you. Does looking at…

In honor of Valentine’s Day!

By LisaFIT | February 12, 2021

In honor of Valentine’s Day – where hearts are everywhere, and people are professing their love to one another – I share with you my LOVE for love songs aka “Babymaking” music. WARNING – the last one is super naughty! Bet you are all going to listen to that one first. “Tonight (Best You Ever…

Feel the love!

By LisaFIT | February 11, 2021

Have you ever been in a social setting where you heard something that was so ignorantly wrong and deceitfully racist? What do you do? Do you say something?

LisaFit Who?

By LisaFIT | February 9, 2021

LisaFit Who? I forget that my car has the LisaFIt logo on it. I forget that I am always wearing a LisaFit shirt. I forget that my water bottle says LisaFit. I forget that other people own LisaFit shirts. There are people who even call me, “LisaFit”. It is all good juju. If I leave…

Your mouth might be saying “No”!

By LisaFIT | February 8, 2021

I use this phrase all the time when I ask clients – “Do you want to do another set?” or “What about drinking a shake for dinner?” or “Don’t you just love early morning workouts?” or “How about you foam roll?” My job is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Thank you…

Earn It!

By LisaFIT | February 7, 2021

It is Super Bowl Sunday! One of my least favorite days of the year. This is when more people sit on their butts and eat food while watching tv. The irony is that you are sedentary while others are working their asses off. The kicker is that you are stuffing your bellies while the people…

Something exciting to share…

By LisaFIT | February 5, 2021

I have something super EXCITING to share with you!! Tiny Buddha

Take In The Love

By LisaFIT | February 4, 2021

I Was Wrong! About a month ago I posted about losing a lot. I was teary eyed and had to re-shoot the video several times. I talked about all of us getting through this together. I mentioned the only way to do that was by focusing on your health and happiness. I was wrong! Well,…


By LisaFIT | February 3, 2021

I will be forever grateful to Corepower Yoga for training me, hiring me and allowing me to “do my thing”. I did teacher training after my father passed away and I no longer felt like a daughter. I signed up after my youngest started preschool because I was done being a stay-at-home mother. I committed…