What is a burpee?  It is an exercise that requires just about every single muscle in your body.  There is usually a squat, a push up, a jump up and or jump back.  Some class instructors will tell their students to do 50 burpees.  Super crazy boot campers tell me that endured a100 burpee competition.  That is just crazy talk!  I challenge you to give me 10 burpees with excellent form all within a 20 second time limit.

What is excellent form? Your hips stay lower than your heart during all your squats.  Your feet leave the ground at least 10 inches on each jump.  Your knees are bent once your feet touch the ground.  You squat all the way to the floor to place your hands on the ground.  Your elbows stay bent when your hands touch the ground.  I can feel your abdominals engage every time you do your floor jump backs. Your head, heart and hips all stay in one line during your push ups. Your  Your legs stay strong as you push yourself back up from the ground. Your look forward.  You are breathing.  I challenge you to do that.  If you cannot, you know where to find me.

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Burpee Challenge

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