How Do You Get Through Your Morning Workout?
Sometimes a good playlist isn’t enough. Have you been there? Where you feel unmotivated?? Where you are mentally drained that it has oozed into your physical being?? Where you just don’t know how you are going to get through another day, regardless of a workout or not??
So either you have your own private gym like me and can set up your favorite morning brew along with an entertaining television show OR you come to Spin Pump!
Spin Pump is every 630AM, Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings. It is the best way to get through your workout. The 60 minutes goes by super fast because the music is pumping, people are chatting, weights are moving and bodies are sweating. Before you know it, the hour is done and you can check exercise off your list for the day.
Come join us in October with a new instructor, Chris. Totally well versed in motivating you and getting you to enjoy your workouts. Your first class is always free. Contact me to reserve your spin spot. I still want you to get a lot of personal attention in a group setting so the class maximum is six participants – RSVP is a must.


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