Here are some of my favorite holiday “freebies” that can keep you healthy and happy.

1) Make homemade coupon books to give to your loved ones as gifts.  No money spent, no bills to pay – the gift of giving is FREE!
2) Make gingerbread houses, bake-decorate-enjoy time with your kids.  Display the house so you cannot eat it – baking is fat FREE!
3) Donate your family’s time at an animal shelter.  Give the permanent volunteers a break during the holidays and get your “Awe it’s so cute” fix for FREE!
4) Map out where all the lighted decorated houses are in your neighborhood.  Walk to them and bypass all the traffic, no gas used – it’s FREE!
5) Attending holiday parties with way too much food?  Bring containers with you to take leftovers to homeless. You can’t find any homeless?  Check the mall entries and exits.  Give away your carbohydrates – it’s FREE!
6) Traveling a lot?  Stock up on all the bath products that you get in hotels and drop them off at any shelter.  The cost to you – FREE!
7) Want to keep a drink in hand at a party?  Soda water with a small candy cane to stir.  60 calories that I am sure you will burn walking around at a party.  FYI- it takes about 15min of walking to burn off about 60cal.
Calorie FREE!

Ultimately when the holidays are over you won’t need to “start” your diet or pay your bills.  You will be calorie and debt FREE!  To me that is Free-ing!!

Can holidays be free?

Season’s Greetings

Can Holidays Be Free?

Can Holidays Be Free?

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