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simple and easy

I have “found” that most things are simple and easy.  They just require consistent effort with boundaries and positive energy with no boundaries.  We make things complicated by over thinking, endless analyzing and continuous wondering.  Our minds create unnecessary stress by holding onto what we have no control of.  We makes things difficult by going full blown, 100 miles per hour and never stopping.  Our bodies are not designed to go non stop.  We will eventually end up with illness or injury.  So why not do less?

Like these little bands – They are a great workout.  There is no heavy lifting and no risk for injury.  They take up very little space so you can travel with them.  They are simple and easy but rarely ever seen in gyms or used by trainers.  When I bring them out my clients cringe.  NO ONE likes the bands because guess what?  These simple and easy colorful rubber pieces are an intense workout.  They are simple to use but require consistent effort utilizing small stabilizing muscles.  Your big muscles can’t take over.  You can’t sink into your joints.  There is no cheating with these guys.  They are easy to use because you can bring them with you.  You can pack them in a suitcase.  They are simple and easy.

Try making things simple and easy in your life for a change.  Start by doing these two things:
1) Set boundaries for yourself when it comes to working, spending money and even training your body.  Give yourself a limit and do no more.
2) Program your mind to seeing the good in all, the positive in the situation and the happiness in each choice you make.

Can you do simple and easy?

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