So many people tell me, “I can’t feel my abs.” After a small discussion, usually I hear, “I don’t have any abs.” I am here to tell you, YES – you have abdominal muscles. It is what keeps you erect. It is was supports your back and moves your torso. You just need a little help connecting mind – body. Here is a simple way to connect to the three levels of abdominal movement. 

1) Get a long scarf or thin long towel and wrap it around your mid section. Make sure it goes around the widest part of your waist area with enough room to hold the ends.
2) Cross the fabric and hold the ends.
3) As you lift your torso, pull the fabric ends away from each other and hold for a second. The puling of the fabric will push your abdomen inward helping you to feel the contraction of the muscle during the movement.
4) Do this 20 reps at each level: Rib Cage, Above Belly Button, Below Belly Button

Be #Healthy – Be #Happy

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