I am going to admit it, I am a good trainer.  I am knowledgeable in many exercises, fitness equipment, stretches, yoga poses, etc.  I stay current on diet trends and study the nutritional constants.  I am very thorough with all the physical aspects of my job and I feel there are many people out there that are good as well.  What I do isn’t rocket science and as of right now those who choose to work in my field of personal training can buy a book, study, take an exam and be certified.  So there are many of us to choose from.

What am I getting at?  You can always find a trainer.  But what you can’t always find is the “personal” part of a personal trainer.  That’s the part that isn’t in the book to study.  That’s the part that has no test for.  That’s the part that I am the BEST at.  I may be good at training but I am the best at personal-ing.  Which is the first part of my job title.

You can easily replace my training ability with another trainer, with group classes, an online trainer, an app, a video, a YouTube, etc.  You CANNOT replace my personal attention to your needs, my compassion towards your
health struggles and my understanding of your being: mind, body, spirit.

What I have, they don’t teach.  What I offer, is not found in many.  What I can do for you and with you, is NOT replaceable.  I am a PERSONAL trainer and not only am I really good at what I do, you will not find anyone like me.

Can you find another trainer?

Can You Find Another Trainer?

Can You Find Another Trainer?

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