You people (women) are killing me with these glute exercises:
“Jane Fonda” kicks
Fire Hydrant Lifts
Hip Thrusts
Frog Leg Raises
I am here to tell you LADIES and I say ladies because I have yet to see any men out there doing these exercises, you cannot spot train your ass. I am sorry to burst your butt bubble. I know those exercises can benefit your glutes in some small way but they won’t build a butt!. Also – no man does any of those exercises and there are some FINE male booties out there. Unless you are caring for a hurt knee or enduring hip issues, there is no real reason to be doing those very silly exercises. If you really want a great bee-hind do what works – squats: jump, one legged, weighted, incline, decline, stacked, loaded etc. Make sure to add walking lunges into your workout. Run hills during your cardio. Get on a spin bike, turn the resistance up and arch your back. These are better ways to get your butt into tip top shape. Remember, you can’t just train the bootie without the legs or the back. I hear women say all the time, “I don’t want my legs to get big.” Guess what? The legs are attached to the butt and you have to work it all. There is no such thing as spot reduction or spot toning or spot building. It is ALL connected. So the next time you are training “glutes” remember what works – squats, lunges, hills, cycling. Give that a try and I promise you won’t feel the need to lay on the ground and thrust your hip up or kick your leg out or look like a jazzercise video.
As always, I am here for you and your bootie. If you need help training your glutes efficiently or building your butt correctly – come and find me.


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