One of my favorite ways to do a push up is from the ground up. Start lying on the ground, hands wide in line with shoulders, face forward, rib cage in, abdominals firm, back tight, glutes contracted, thighs flexed, toes curl under and up you go!

So many of us hit the ground and stop. For some reason we are conditioned to think that is the end. We feel that we have failed or that is the definition of defeat.  I have learned that once you hit the ground there is only one way to go, UP. Can you tap into all your strength while on the floor? Can you lift yourself up once you’ve hit the bottom? Can you push up?

Don’t let the ground limit your potential. We all hit the bottom at one point and some of us two or three points or more. It’s what we do when we get there that separates us. It’s how we react when we get there that defines us. It’s the actions we take after that which creates us.

Can you push up?

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