I was always the kid picked last for a sports team.  I was very little(that hasn’t changed).  I was super shy (that has changed).  I was fearful of getting hurt and embarrassed to sweat.

How in the world did I create such competitors?  Here is my daughter receiving 1st in Overall in her gymnastics competition.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 54

Can You Reinvent Yourself?

My children are constant reminders that I am not that super shy, fearful, embarrassed little girl.  I have not allowed those labels to determine who I am now.  I have reinvented myself to become an outgoing, courageous, proud to sweat little woman.  I am not what you tell me I am.

The only way I want my children to learn to be better, be different, remold, reinvent – is if I can do it as well.

Can you reinvent yourself?

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