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Do You Have A Bench?

Here is a great bench workout for you to try next time you think you need a gym to sweat.

50 Jumping Jacks
45 Knee Ins (Sit on the bench and bring knees in towards body and back out – Abdominal exercise)
40 Forearm Switch Lunges  (Forearms on bench, Jump the feet back and forth landing in a lunge each time)
35 Walk Up and Down (Leading with same leg stepping up on the bench)
30 Hold Forearm Plank (Seconds or breaths)
25 Mountain Climbers (Your hands placed at edge of bench and knees come up to touch the bench)
20 Squat Bench Jumps (Face away from bench and make sure when your feet hit the ground you bend your knees enough to have your butt touch the bench)
15 Wide Arm Push Ups  (Hands on bench)
10 Tricep Dips (Hands on bench)
5 Seconds of rest

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Do You Have A Bench?

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Ab Crunches

One of the first group exercise classes that I taught was called “Ab Blast” and it was a 30 minute class of abdominal exercises.  I could not believe that: 1) People would subject themselves to such a class.  2) A person’s stomach muscles could contract for 30 minutes straight.  3) Anyone was getting a good abdominal workout.  I walked into the class and told everyone that they were insane and that for the next 30 minutes there was just one rule, “You either participate in the torso exercises  as instructed or you stand up and dance.”  I told the class, “It only takes 3 minutes to work your abs efficiently and that you should feel a strong contraction in the first three reps.  If you are not feeling your abs working right away, please let me know and I will help you.”

For the next 30 minutes I kept running around the class touching bellies and asking, “Do you feel that?”   I adjusted, assisted, altered and worked up a total sweat getting everyone to understand how to properly and efficiently work their mid section.  I could not believe how many people were just moving through the motion mindlessly.  There were people lifting their necks.  Some were just moving their torsos using momentum.  Others were pushing their bellies outward when they contracted.  A lot of people were holding their breath.  If you are not feeling your abs working hard in the first three reps and / or can do more than three minutes of crunches then please call me.  I can give you a three minute abdominal workout that will change your body.

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Ab Crunches

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