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Do You Have The Time?

So many people tell me that they just don’t have the time. They are too busy to do what is necessary to get happy with their body and healthy in their mind. They tell me, “It just takes so much time.” Well that raises the question, “What are you doing with your time?” Here is a simple questionnaire to help you figure out where your time is going. Each day monitor how many minutes you are spending on the following:

Television series, this is your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc

Social Media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc

Online Browsing – “surfing the web”, “google it”, YouTube, etc

Internet Dreaming – vacations, shopping, projects, etc

I am guessing that once you pull back on those things, you might have the time. Start today –

Create your own entertaining story by trying new things instead of watching a fictitious show.

Examine your life with self-reflective workbooks instead of peeking into others.

Sit quietly and perhaps try meditation so that you can learn about yourself instead of researching random knowledge.

Make your dreams come true by creating a plan with paper and pencil instead of fantasizing about it.

It takes practicing and investing in things that will nourish your body and fill your heart every single day to assure happiness and health.

Do you have the time?

Be happy in your body and healthy in your mind. NO EXCUSES!


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Are You Too Strong?

Are You Too Strong?

I taught yoga to about 200 girls this weekend. It was a sea of pink shirts and one girl in brown. She was too strong to wear pink. Once the class began, I saw girls giggle and be silly. She was too strong to act in such a way. At one point in the class where everyone was closing their eyes and doing a pose, the girl in brown chose to sit down on the ground. Throughout the class she rolled her eyes, smirked and folded her arms. She worked so hard to dismiss yoga. She was so tough that she was able to deny herself a new experience. She wanted everyone to see that she was so strong. She was too strong.

During Savasana, a part in yoga where everyone lays down on their back, extends arms and legs and opens palms – I could see her restlessness. I could sense her desire to participate but she was fighting it. Her strength was hurting her. I walked over and placed my hand on her hand and just stayed with her for a few breaths. I said, “You are okay.”

I don’t know how much of an impact it had on her but I fought tears. For the few breaths that I was near her I witnessed a tough strong girl who was on guard turn into a vulnerable little girl that was able to relax. She was okay.

Being strong isn’t always your best ally. At one point you must be able to lay vulnerably, exposed and open and feel “okay” with it.

Are you too strong?


Be happy with your body and healthy in your mind!


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ActivMotion – Get Balanced!

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Are You In Pain?

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Yoga with the ActivMotion Bar

I am so excited to share this quick yoga flow with you using the 4.5LB ActivMotion Bar.  If you press the bar into the body you can get a better understanding of how the postures should feel when engaging the entire body.  Give it a try!  If you need a bar – I am more than happy to help you with that.



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ActivMotion Bars & Training


Click here to learn more


Use the code Lisafit10 to get 10% off all bars

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Healthy Hater?

Are You A Healthy Choice Hater? (Part 1)
It has been brought to my attention on SEVERAL occasions that people spend too much time “hating” on other peoples’ healthy choices. My clients tell me all the time that they catch “shit” for not participating in the eating and drinking festivities. They feel pressured in ordering a cocktail at work events held in a bar. They get teased for ordering a salad at a dinner party. They feel shunned when they don’t sample a dessert. They get a guilt trip for not taking seconds at a family potluck. They hear things like, “One day isn’t going to kill you” and “It’s the holidays” or “You can have one cheat day, right?”
Why are you so consumed with the person in your life who wants to make a healthy choice? Would you pressure a coworker at a bar to order a cocktail if they were a recovering alcoholic? Would you tease your friend for ordering a salad if she was fighting obesity? Would you shun your partner for not eating dessert if he was diagnosed with diabetes? Would you give a guilt trip to your sibling for not taking seconds if he was trying to reduce his cholesterol? Do we have to wait until something bad happens to be respectful, compassionate and tolerant of other people’s choices?
If you know someone trying to make or is making healthy choices for WHATEVER reason, please be supportive. A person shouldn’t have to be an addict, ill or diseased to receive respect, compassion and tolerance for making a change for the better. In fact, go an extra step further and join them. Misery loves company but Healthy lives Happier!


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Waiting For Something Better?

It’s a strange place of purgatory that we exist in sometimes, waiting for something better. It’s where you know what you are doing isn’t your calling. It’s how you know that where you are at isn’t your destination. It’s the gut feeling you get when you who lay down with someone who isn’t right for you. It’s the empty void you have that you can’t seem to fill because you are waiting for something better.

Please do not exist here. It isn’t what life is all about. I hear about it from people all the time in regards to their health and wellness. You are not happy with yourself so you become cynical. You don’t like what you see in the mirror so you just don’t look. You aren’t proud of who you are so you hide. All the time just waiting for something better.

I am here to remind you that your life starts when you stop waiting. I am here to push you so that you break through whatever wall you have put between you and better. I am here to nag at you until you show me something other than mundane. I won’t let you stay unhappy. No one hides on my watch. I am here and I don’t walk away without a fight. Be happy, look in the mirror, be proud.


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Do You Share Your Mornings?


This is my morning. I get up at 430AM and do some sort of cardio to get my sweat on. I shower while listening to NPR. I drive to work while eating a piece of Ezekiel bread with peanut butter and drinking a cup of coffee. The streets are quiet and dark so I roll my windows down and play my music loudly. By the time I get to work most of you are still asleep and some of you are getting out of bed. Sometimes I am tired but most of the times I am lonely. No one gets to share my mornings with me.

I may not like getting up at 430AM every morning. I don’t always want to exercise while the rest of the world sleeps. I would love to be able to sit down and eat breakfast at a table or sip coffee in bed. It would be nice not driving to work while it’s still dark. But I do all of this because I know how hard it is to do alone. Trust me, I do it every morning and I don’t expect you to do it alone.

What if it were different? What if you got up because you knew someone was waiting for you? What if you weren’t the only one awake exercising? What if your bed head made others laugh? What if wearing your shirt inside out was a common funny? What if you could come to a place where other people wanted to see you? What if you could share your morning?

That is how it has been for the past 3 years for people at LisaFIT. I have shared my mornings with people who would have been strangers if it weren’t for LisaFIT. I get to watch them act like siblings, ganging up on me. I get to see them grow bonds over the pains of being pushed. I get to listen to them commiserate about dreading another workout. I get to witness them be a fitness family for one hour. A part of me is envious but most of all, I am blessed because I get to share someone else’s morning.

Do you get to share your morning?


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Whats In Your Bag Of Tricks?

Here is what I keep with me at the gym. I am never without filtered water – thanks to Zero Water, built in filter water bottles. I keep a Perform Better resistance band for corrective exercises – yes I too experience pain, a jump rope for instant cardio, Target wipes to keep dirt off my face, Burt’s Bees lip balm – love the peppermint one, my music, extra hair ties and a container of Altoids which is really holding my business cards. This little bag keeps me prepared for anything.

Like my bag, I am prepared for anything at the gym and in my studio. You can come to me with just about any issue and I can figure out a workout for you. I like to think that it’s basically me reaching into my bag of tricks. My studio is my other “bag of tricks”. I have TRX, BOSU, ActiveMotion Bars, Spin Bikes, Exercise Balls, Cables, Resistance Bands, Weights, Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps, Foam Rollers, Trigger Points Balls and a Total Gym. Whatever you need, I am prepared for the person that wouldn’t normally step into a gym. I am ready for the client that needs motivation. I am here for the consumer that has tried every fitness trend. I put a lot of thought into my bag of tricks and hand pick everything that goes into my studio. It is a personal trainer’s dream to be able to create this space, a space where I can literally say to you, “You have NO EXCUSES!”


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