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I Saw Avengers: End Game

I took my two sons to see this 3 hour and 2 minute movie PLUS the 15 – 20 minutes of trailers and commercials. So you are looking at sitting on your butt for almost 3 1/2 hours. We got to our seats right at the beginning of all the trailers so most of the theater was seated and the room hadn’t gone dark yet. Briefly I noticed our entire row had huge popcorns because to walk past them they had to move their legs AND their popcorn. Once sat, I turned around and pretty much everyone’s mouth was chewing on something. In front of me I could see people moving their bodies to one side to lean in and drink their beverage without even picking it up because it was strategically placed in a cup holder so all they had to do was lean forward and to the side. Now I was just fixated on the fact everyone was sitting and eating which prompts me to write a note to self, “Research movie theater nutritional info”.
Here is the not so good, the super bad and the extremely ugly about movie theater eating. You think your choosing healthy by getting a small popcorn, “Please no butter” – right? WRONG, movie theaters pop their popcorn in oil making this a 300 calorie snack with 12 grams of fat. Add the butter and you are looking at 600 calories and 34 grams of fat in a SMALL popcorn. What about all those large popcorns sitting on everyone’s laps? 1200 calories, 60 grams of fat which about 80% of that is saturated fat the type that clogs your arteries and 980 mg of sodium which if the movie doesn’t get your blood boiling then this popcorn will. Now you will need to wash that down with something, am I wrong? A large soda which of course you ordered because it is only 0.50 cents more to supersize it, has 650 calories and 170 grams of sugar which is equivalent to 43 teaspoons of sugar. Now you need something sweet to balance out the saltiness, who doesn’t love that? Let’s just do the chocolate candies since they are the most popular. You are looking at around 600 calories, about 65 grams of sugar and 22 grams of fat. ALL WHILE YOU ARE SITTING AND DOING NOTHING. 
I realize that Americans love to sit, eat and watch but do you realize how unhealthy that is? We load up on food and drinks at sporting events because we say, “I don’t want to have to get back up.” We order delivery food and sit on the couch binge watching shows for hours. We as a culture have made it a habit to sit – eat – watch. Unfortunately, when you eat while watching something you pay less attention to how much you are eating and how fast you are eating, ultimately eating too much. Sitting slows down the process of the stomach moving the food unless you are sitting upright with good posture, are you?
I am encouraging everyone to take a stand in the movie theater conspiracy to make America unhealthy. You can sit for a few hours without nibbling. I believe in you. Save your money and choose to digest the movie only. 

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Can You Do It By Yourself?

One of the real problems with changing health habits is a person’s support system. You don’t want to tell anyone that you want to lose weight – it’s embarrassing. You want to eat the way you use to be able to eat when you were younger – it’s not fair. You don’t want to eat different than everyone else – it’s isolating. I get it!
You need at least one person to help you. Someone to at least check in with. It doesn’t have to be daily, it can be weekly. You have to get the support needed to make the necessary changes so that you can be happy in your body and healthy with your choices. It isn’t easy and having friends who get together for happy hour or kids who munch on popular snack foods or a work space that keeps pastries out all day or your partner who can eat whatever they want – it’s overwhelming and how the hell do you do  it all by yourself?
I have had this idea to start a Fitness Journal Club. It’s $100 a month. You physically meet with me once a week for a brief check-in with your Fitness Journal. Each week we can discuss what is working for you and what isn’t. We can talk about foods that are better choices for your body and lifestyle. Together we can come up with a simple weekly plan for food prep and movement choices. You will get unlimited support via text or email. I am here for you and we won’t stop until you are happy in your body and healthy with your choices.
No need to be embarrassed or feel it’s not fair or isolated from social fun – you have a goal to be happier and healthier, not a damn thing wrong with that and I support you. Trust me, as people witness you making the strong changes – you will inspire others to be happier and healthier!
(Here is an actual Fitness Journal from a client. I am infamous for my red sharpie.)

“be happy in your body and healthy with your choices”

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Where Do You Do It?

Get your mind out of the gutter. Where do you invest in your health and wellness daily? Do you go run outside? Do you head to the gym? Do you take a fitness class? Do you have a space in your home? Where do you do it?

One of the easiest forms of exercise is yoga. You need nothing, no special equipment, no expensive shoes, no fancy gear – nada! It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. You don’t have to fit your schedule into a time slot. Whether you are at the office, in your home or a hotel – you can yoga anywhere!

“But I don’t know how to do yoga”, you say? No worries, I can teach you a customized yoga flow that is specific to your body and fitness level. Customized flows usually consist of 6-8 postures that take about 2-3 minutes to do that you can repeat as many or as little times as you like. I only need one session with you to create an individual yoga flow. If you have multiple injuries or limitations, then follow up sessions may need to be scheduled. 

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

So the questions isn’t so much as, “Where do you do it?” It is, “When are you going to start doing it?”

(Photo captures my new health and wellness space: Inexpensive Mat – $20. Private Spot with Expansive Views – Priceless!)


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Do You Want To See Ellen?

I don’t have any special way to get you on her show, sorry. I just know a lot of people watch her show but how many people watch while exercising? Did you know if you walk while watching Ellen you could burn anywhere between 250-300 calories per show. If you add going up a hill then you can burn an extra 200-250 calories per 30 minutes. How about riding a stationary bike and watching Ellen? Then it’s a whopping 500-600 calories an hour. Can you believe that? Who knew watching Ellen could be so good for you. 
Next time you want to watch a show use your phone and head to the gym. You might as well sweat while being entertained. Think about all the binge watching you have done and how many calories you could have burned, thousands!!

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices – NO EXCUSES!

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Who Does Your Taxes?

It’s that time of the year – tax season! Do you do your own taxes or do you hire someone? I find that some people hire a professional because they believe that the years of experience and expertise a professional has is beneficial in getting the best results. Then there are others who feel it’s a waste of money because they think they can do it just as well as someone who does it for a living. As for me – I hire someone because I know the benefits of a person who studies one subject, who is well versed in one trade, who immerses themselves into the nitty gritty of one speciality. I hire a tax accountant to do my taxes. I pay to have my hair colored. I get my teeth professionally cleaned four times a year. I hired a dog trainer to help with obedience. I am sure I could do my own taxes, color my own hair, brush my teeth with special tools, train my dog on my own – but would I get the best results? Probably not. 
I am not the type person to think, “I know more” or “I can do it just as good” – because guess what? There is no way you know more than someone who studies and researches. There is no way you could do it better than someone who does it every single day.
If the world was filled with thinkers, “I can do it just as good as you” then I would be out of work. I know most people cannot train themselves as efficiently or effectively as I can. I do this every single day. I read fitness. I see fitness. I study fitness. I have so many resources to learn more fitness. It is my life and unless it’s your life – hire a professional if you want the best results.
Here is a photo of me at peace, done with my taxes!

“be happy in your body and healthy with your choices”

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Is F45 For You?

It’s a 45 minute group circuit-training scheduled class. Each station is timed with a monitor showing a computerized person doing the exercise. In the beginning the trainer shows you all the exercises, assigns the stations and then you are on your own. The music turns on, the monitors count down for you and there are 1-2 trainers walking around checking on people. It’s a bit confusing figuring out which station goes with which monitor. There are different types of circuit classes with very funny names and really silly descriptions. You get a free week so give it a try. 
Pros- Lots of classes to choose from and times throughout the day. Fast workout, 45 minutes and it goes by quickly.
Cons – Not for beginners because the exercises are challenging. Not for people who may need to wear glasses to see the monitor. Not for ANYONE with back, knee, shoulder, ankle, or any joint problems.  There’s just not enough guidance for this type of workout.
As always – whatever motivates you to love your body!

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The Body You Deserve!

You Deserve The Body You Want, Right?!

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Review – Crunch Fitness

I love trying new fitness places and now I am sharing my love with you by posting reviews. You want to know about a club, gym, fitness studio, exercise boutique – you name it, I will try it and give you a review.

This weekend I got a pass to Crunch Fitness. Their membership has three tiers and in my opinion it is pricey for what you get. Here’s the nitty gritty –
Locker rooms were simple. Showers had curtains instead of doors. It was nice to see a steam and sauna room. You have to bring your own lock for lockers and they have them all over the gym. Kids club was large with more than one attendant.There was a cycle room, group exercise room and a tanning room. Cardio area was large but extremely tight between each equipment. Their free weights are rubber circle plates with “Crunch” written on them. The configuration of the gym is confusing with rows of equipment surrounding a huge mat area in the middle of the gym for stretching.
Pros – steam and sauna, lockers everywhere but they are non-programmable, big kids club, very clean with new equipment.
Cons – large mat in the center, too close together cardio, only a handful of recline bikes
This specific location – there were a lot of teenagers training incorrectly and messing around, The gym has a dark enclosed feeling. No trainers to be found anywhere. The downstairs is useless space, with plastic table and chairs, upholstery chairs and random odd machines.
I was told by the front desk, “Upstairs is where all the magic happens” – no magic happening here. I have a ten day membership, I used one day.

As always – whatever gets you moving and sweating is great!These reviews are subjective and best to try it for yourself, NO EXCUSES!

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Throwback Thursday

Oh my gosh – I was cleaning out my studio and found this old poster tucked away behind old mats, a barbell and a swifter mop. If you know anyone who has not been a client of mine and wants to give training a try, send them my way. I am honoring this 2011 special for new clients only for the month of March.

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Pilates with Missy

All you need to do is sign up NOW! I have mats and the best pilates instructor. If you are ready to experience Pilates like no other class, with tons of personal attention and individual adjustments then make sure you sign up for Wednesdays at 10am with Missy.

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