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Sound Familiar?

This weekend I decided to clean out my close, a little early spring cleaning. I came upon the pants that you see below. I bought them a few years ago and they fit like a glove. Mind you that was when I was in the gym every morning at the crack of dawn doing my early morning empty stomach cardio. Then I would go back to the gym to do my circuit weight resistance training. On the weekends I did long runs and sometimes two yoga classes a day. I never allowed a starchy carb to enter my body after 2PM and I only had alcohol when I went out. Now my life isn’t as regimented so my immediate thought as I held them in my hands, standing on a step stool completely frozen in time, ‘Will they still fit?” Then the follow up provoking question entered my head, “Should I try them on?” And this is when the MIND F@%K happens!

I literally spent way too much time having a full on conversation with myself about these pants. I laid them on my bed and here is the dialogue that I had with myself and the pants.
“I should see if they still fit. I know they will probably be tight but thats okay, right? Maybe I should just try them on tomorrow morning, first thing before I eat anything. Or I could wait a week and really workout hard this week and eat super clean THEN try them on, that way I am in the right frame of mind. (pause…) What the f@%k, I can’t let a pair of pants get to me like this. This is stupid. I will just try them on and not care. Who cares – it’s just a pair of pants. My boyfriend loves the way I look. I feel good about myself. I am still active – I run and do yoga. This isn’t fair, I shouldn’t have to go to the gym while it’s still dark every morning just so I can fit these pants. Who does that?!? And I should be able to eat what I want and not have to worry about fitting into a pair of pants. In fact – no man would have this discussion with himself. It is so not right. Okay – here is the deal, I am going to try on the pants and not let it steal my peace. I am going to put them on and know that if I want them to fit comfortably again then I know what I need to do. I am just going to see how much work I need to do to get back into the pants. Like, lets just see how tight they are. In fact, if I can get them on snuggly then that will make me super happy that I haven’t gone too far away from my fit self. (A few deep inhales and exhales…) Seriously Lisa, this is just so damn stupid. Put the pants on and get over yourself.”

Sound familiar? We drive ourselves crazy trying to be who we use to be. We focus on the bad that prevents us from seeing the good. We let the little things get in the way of creating the bigger picture. We live in our bodies as if it defines who we are and we give it the power to alter our state of mind. I hope my very true story amused you and you can laugh the next time you decide to have a conversation with your pants.

~be happy in your body and healthy with your choices ~ NO EXCUSES!

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You Almost Had Me Convinced!

I have been teaching a bootcamp class once a week outside of LisaFIT for about four months now. It has been “fun” and I put fun in quotation marks because I am struggling. I have been challenged by a whole new excuse. The excuse, “I know my body.” I almost fell for that. You almost had me convinced that that was a valid excuse. For four months I have looked the other way while you did your own thing. For four months I have given you modifications not because you are injured or hurt but because you were afraid it WOULD or COULD hurt you. For four months I have witnessed you limiting yourself all because, “I know my body.” Really?!?

Okay bootcampers – it has been four months and now I know your body so game on! You almost had me convinced that I should leave you alone. You almost had me convinced that I should let you do the same thing over and over hoping for results but not getting them. You had me there for a second but my true desire to help you and genuine intention to get you results has stepped in and now I am back to my LisaFIT-senses, sort of like Spidey-senses but think fitness geared.

We will inhale strength and exhale weakness. We will focus on the potential and let go of limitations and judgements. We will chant – “Let my body surprise me” until we can’t chant no more. Dear Bootcampers, I am so sorry for the past four months – you have been getting a water-downed version of LisaFIT. I was under some sort of spell listening to the words, “I know my body” but guess what? I KNOW YOUR BODY and it is so much stronger than you believe it to be. There is just one excuse that holds you back, your mind!

~be happy with your body and healthy in your choices ~ NO EXCUSES!


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What Are Your Practicing?


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Today I taught a meditation yoga class. Not something that I do on a regular basis so I took some time to research and did some experimenting myself during my own yoga meditation practice. For those of you unfamiliar with the general yoga class, let me explain – in the beginning of class instructors say, “Set an intention”, a purpose for your yoga practice and it always feels like we are instructed to put out into the universe something we are seeking. Which is easy because we all seek more peace, more strength, more flexibility, more happiness, more love etc. So it made me think, are people coming to their mats to acquire something? If our mantras, chants or repetitive words are always starting with “I want” or “I wish” then there is this notion that I am without. That just didn’t sit well with me.

Today I asked everyone to set their intention and offered a bit of suggestion. I said, “If the words ‘I wish…’ or ‘I want ..’ were part of your intention then please replace them with “I am”.

We come to our mats not to seek or obtain because that implies we do not have. We come to cultivate what is already within ourselves. Most of the time we just need to detach from our physical self, mostly ego and disengage from our mental chatter, mostly fear so that our true selves can appear.

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Do You Have 3-5 Minutes?


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Got Belly?

Three simple things to do to flatten your belly that do not require a gym membership or trendy diets.  

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Do You Have The Time?

So many people tell me that they just don’t have the time. They are too busy to do what is necessary to get happy with their body and healthy in their mind. They tell me, “It just takes so much time.” Well that raises the question, “What are you doing with your time?” Here is a simple questionnaire to help you figure out where your time is going. Each day monitor how many minutes you are spending on the following:

Television series, this is your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc

Social Media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc

Online Browsing – “surfing the web”, “google it”, YouTube, etc

Internet Dreaming – vacations, shopping, projects, etc

I am guessing that once you pull back on those things, you might have the time. Start today –

Create your own entertaining story by trying new things instead of watching a fictitious show.

Examine your life with self-reflective workbooks instead of peeking into others.

Sit quietly and perhaps try meditation so that you can learn about yourself instead of researching random knowledge.

Make your dreams come true by creating a plan with paper and pencil instead of fantasizing about it.

It takes practicing and investing in things that will nourish your body and fill your heart every single day to assure happiness and health.

Do you have the time?

Be happy in your body and healthy in your mind. NO EXCUSES!


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Are You Too Strong?

Are You Too Strong?

I taught yoga to about 200 girls this weekend. It was a sea of pink shirts and one girl in brown. She was too strong to wear pink. Once the class began, I saw girls giggle and be silly. She was too strong to act in such a way. At one point in the class where everyone was closing their eyes and doing a pose, the girl in brown chose to sit down on the ground. Throughout the class she rolled her eyes, smirked and folded her arms. She worked so hard to dismiss yoga. She was so tough that she was able to deny herself a new experience. She wanted everyone to see that she was so strong. She was too strong.

During Savasana, a part in yoga where everyone lays down on their back, extends arms and legs and opens palms – I could see her restlessness. I could sense her desire to participate but she was fighting it. Her strength was hurting her. I walked over and placed my hand on her hand and just stayed with her for a few breaths. I said, “You are okay.”

I don’t know how much of an impact it had on her but I fought tears. For the few breaths that I was near her I witnessed a tough strong girl who was on guard turn into a vulnerable little girl that was able to relax. She was okay.

Being strong isn’t always your best ally. At one point you must be able to lay vulnerably, exposed and open and feel “okay” with it.

Are you too strong?


Be happy with your body and healthy in your mind!


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ActivMotion – Get Balanced!

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Are You In Pain?

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