Celebrate Social Distancing

We need to celebrate more! When I heard the news about fitness facilities approved to open, I didn’t really want to celebrate. I was thinking, “Who is going to want to exercise with a mask on?” “How much work is it going to take me to change my studio up to guidelines?” Blah Blah Blah!

What I didn’t realize is that the fear is calming and the love for living is rising. As soon as I took on that perspective, I was like – “Let’s Celebrate!”

Please celebrate with me this weekend:

Saturday, June 13 @ 7AM 


Sunday, June 14 @ 8AM

Email me, Lisa@Lisafit.com which day or come to both days.

The only requirement is that you donate to Angels of Rawley Foundation, ARF – a local no kill dog shelter. Either buy a LisaFit shirt by going to my website, LisaFit.com or bring a donation to class.

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