I did not but I can guess that most people who receive the award are thinking, “All my hard work has paid off” and they stand elated, happy, proud and thankful. Well that is exactly how I felt on Sunday – I didn’t win an actual Oscar, but all my hard work paid off.
You know that feeling you get when you make an ambitious list of things to do? For me, I get excited because I know I can do it. Then my mind starts thinking of “outs” like – “It’s okay if you don’t get it done, something is better than nothing” or “No one could get all of this done…”. At one point my body even created a false sense of “I think I am getting sick”. It was like my whole being was shutting down because it didn’t want to endure all the hard work. Well I am here to tell you that – I DID IT! I am not going to lie, I went through a whole set of emotions – fear that I wouldn’t get it done, anxious because it was a lot to tackle, upset that I wouldn’t be able to do anything fun because after all – it is the weekend, sadness when I didn’t make it to a yoga class and extremely ELATED, PROUD, HAPPY and THANKFUL that I had done it. In my mind, I had won an Oscar!! 
The Oscars aired last night, and I read about 30 million people watched it. 30 million people watched others feeling elated, proud, happy and thankful as they received an Oscar. Today – do what makes you feel elated, proud, happy and thankful! Be an Oscar winner. The photo is my own Oscar – a serene beach. What is yours?

Be Healthy – Be Happy

No Excuses!

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