Do I Make You Better

Do I Make You Better

Here is a beautiful photo of my lovely daughter presenting me with a Valentines card.  Her class did a generic card but my daughter requested to do a second card that was special to our family.  She told me that she loves how healthy we are.  She said she appreciates how I always want to walk instead of drive even though she complains.  She continued to tell me that she likes how I am always buying organic and healthy foods even though they don’t always taste good.  I told her, “I just want you to be better.”

Later that week I heard from an acquaintance that she wasn’t happy with her trainer.  I asked, “Is he helping you to be better?”  She said, “No- I have to figure out how to break up with him.”

Another person walked into my gym to say, “Hi”.  He said he has always wanted to check out my studio.  He currently trains with another trainer but isn’t happy with him.  I asked the same question, “Is he helping you to be better?”  He said, “No but I would feel bad firing him.”

As a parent it’s hard to get my kids to do the healthy option but I stand my ground because I want them to be better.  As a trainer it’s hard to not give the clients what they want but again I stand my ground because I am trying to make them better.

Doing and being better is so challenging because it’s easy to just keep or stay the same.  It’s easier to just sit than to get up and move.  It’s easier to just stay where you are than to walk away.  It’s easier to complain and not do anything about it.  It’s easier to just eat whatever you want without thinking about what it is you need.

We all need to be better.  We should all be striving to do better.  Look to your left and to your right.  Are the people in your daily world helping to make you better?  Do they inspire you to do good?  Do they help you to do your best?  Do they motivate you with their actions to become better? Like my daughters card, “I love you because you make me strong.”  If your world isn’t making you stronger then stand up now and make your move.  Don’t wait.  Don’t settle.  Be strong and be better!

Do I make you better?

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