Sometimes we focus on the things we can’t do or don’t have or someone we have lost or items we have forgotten.  Why is it we don’t celebrate the things we can do, the people we do have or what we have gained and all we have retained?  Lets celebrate the daily accomplishments.  Celebrate working out!

My runner friends, celebrate the earth that supports you.  On your next run embrace that your journey outside returns a peaceful mind.  My yoga friends, celebrate the postures that ignite you during your practice.  Give thanks to the ancient asanas that bring new life into your soul.  My gym friends, celebrate the internal strength that drives you.  Be amazed at the physical opportunity to challenge your body.

Begin to celebrate your blessings rather than fixate on your losses.  We were all put here for a reason, celebrate that you have the opportunity to execute that reason.

Do you celebrate your workouts?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 70

Do You Celebrate Your Workouts?

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