In less than 30 days I will be celebrating another year on earth. I am one of those rare people that embrace getting older. I look at it as a time to reflect on all the amazing experiences that have changed me and the incredible people who have inspired me. Its a chance to learn from the not so memorable times and a great opportunity to walk away from those who have wronged me. I always like to do something for myself in recognizing another year of life that is connected to health and wellness. This year I am taking the days up to my birthday to “cleanse”.
I am not a big advocate of the cleanses out there where you drink nothing but water and lemon or the ones where you travel to a remote location to fast with other people or even the programs where you eat only raw foods. I think of cleansing as more of an intimate process than purely just what you are ingesting or where you are residing. Cleansing is both an elimination – letting go and a rejuvenation – a fresh start. It can be the end of a bad habit and it can be the beginning of a new process. It doesn’t happen in a three day fast or a five day raw diet. It isn’t about taking a pill or drinking a tea or paying for expensive juices. It is about you recognizing your own impurities, understanding your poisons, acknowledging the toxic people and being ready to do what is necessary to CLEAN HOUSE.
I am going be cleaning out everything and anything that no longer serves a purpose in my life. That means I am cleaning out closets, going through my computer, rummaging through my garage AND wiping out contacts. It is a great way to literally “clean house”. I am going to take on a plant based diet. There is something rather therapeutic and medicinal about eating only what grows straight from earth’s soil. Plus vegetables and fruits have a natural high fiber and high antioxidant property to them, aiding in elimination and rejuvenation. I am adding hot yoga to my exercise ritual to purge and to release tightness. I am going back outside for longer runs and rides to clear my head and aid in mental focus. I am avoiding caffeine and alcohol, wish me luck!
If you could do something for 30 days that would have a profound affect on your life, what would it be? If you did a “cleanse” – what would you want to get rid of? If you could start fresh, what would you do?
Join me. Why not? We can do it together. I will post all my runs and yoga outings on Instagram or Twitter (lisayeefit). You can have all my veggie dishes if you keep checking my website. OR come to LisaFIT – lets CLEANSE and then come October 1st we will CELEBRATE the new us!
No Excuses!!


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