The other day I trained legs with my good friend who is a professional figure competitor.  Our intention was to go light with high repetitions.  It started off fun and easy but what happens when you get two personal trainers who workout hard and are competitive at doing their best?  They go INSANE!  We took over the gym. We were challenging each other.  We were competing who could do more reps.  She was yelling at me how many she did and I would yell back, “I am gonna do one more than that!”  We were messing with each other offering sarcastic sympathetic comments and cracking each other up.  It was one of the best times I have had in the gym.

Today, I am sore.  Every time I sit down I think about those 75 leg presses I did.  Every time I bend over I am reminded of the several sets of hamstring curls.  Every time I laugh I cringe because we added in overhead abdominal pulleys in between our sets.

Sometimes a little competition with a friend is good.  She said to me at the end of our workout, “A good friend is someone you can train with and drink with.”

Do you compete?

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