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Do You Complain?

Every person complains about something – EVERY.  You may not think you are complaining.  I hear, “I am just saying,” or “I am venting,” or my favorite is “I am not complaining BUT..”.

We all do it and that’s okay.  It’s perfectly fine for you to tell me you don’t feel like working out.  It’s absolutely okay with me if you whine about every aching muscle in your body.  It entertains me when you keep talking about how much you cannot
continue the workout.  It’s all part of the job.  You may be complaining but at least you are at my studio, working out and making a difference.

What I cannot handle is a person telling me about the same thing over and over and never taking action.  What’s not okay is whining about something with no end in sight to help yourself.  The worse is complaining about an issue and doing the same thing
over and over expecting different results.  We all know what that defines… Insanity).

My favorite sayings, “You can pray to God but you better row to shore” and “Complaining about a splinter won’t take it out”.

Do you complain?

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