This week I am away for a Personal Trainer conference.  I am already lined up to learn from the best.  I have meetings with trainers from all over the country, I get to workout with exercise gurus.  I feel very fortunate to be amongst the elite.  Not only do I get to be around other trainers but I get to be with “my kind”.  For four days I am the norm.  I won’t stand out when I get to the gym at 5AM.  In fact the hotel gym will be packed with people like me wanting to move before having to sit all day long.  I won’t be the only one stretching on the ground during the lectures.  I won’t be the only one carrying a cooler of food around.  I won’t be the only one drinking a protein shake in-between seminars.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it will be to finally “fit in”.

In my day to day life I am always feeling like the odd man out.  I get up while people are sleeping so that I can start my day sweating and giving to myself.  My fridge is stocked with all my meals and snacks for the week so that I don’t get caught hungry or not having enough time to make food.  I sit on the ground and stretch while watching my kids sports instead of sitting on a chair playing on my phone.  I don’t make meal time a big deal in my home as to teach my children that our days don’t revolve around food.  I know I am weird and odd but in my line of business guess what – I fit in.

So from Wednesday to Saturday I will be loving every moment that someone DOES NOT say to me, “You are crazy for getting up so early.”  I will be smiling every time someone DOES NOT ask me, “What are you drinking?”  I will be so happy when I DO NOT get weird looks at me while I stretching on the floor.  I will be amongst my own. For four days no one will look twice, think twice or even care.

I will fit in!

Do you fit in?

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