It’s interesting because as a trainer, my goal is to help you reach your goals.  I must be so into you.  I remember your injuries to make sure I don’t hurt you.  I watch your every move so that you know I am here for you.  I take in all your fitness requests so that its obvious I care about you.  I figure out what foods work for you so I can do what is best.  I need to pay close attention to how your body responds so that you know I understand you.

LisaFIT Training 39

Do You Get Personal?

This is what PERSONAL training is all about.  It isn’t about counting down your reps or looking at my stop watch or creating the hardest workout or even lowering your calories.  It is about personally knowing you, your body, your lifestyle, your needs.  If you aren’t getting this from your trainer please find me.  Better yet, tell your trainer to come find me.  I can help both of you!

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