I find that if I over think an exercise I won’t be able to do it.  Like the idea of being on one foot and one hand always seems to challenge me.  Try it.  Start on hands and knees on the floor.  Lift one arm, easy – right?  Then lift the opposite leg and feel the body adjust, sense being unstable and get to the point where the body starts to shake holding it .  At that moment you can either back out, go to the ground and start all over or you can let your mind take back seat, allow your body to experience and go for it.

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Do You Go For It?

Most of the times I just go for it.  I let my brain take back seat and allow my body to surprise me.  I try my best not to over think it.  If you over think an exercise you won’t be able to feel your body. If you over think a yoga posture you will fall out of it.  If you over think a dance step you won’t move with fluidity.  If you over think a potential endeavor, you will talk yourself out of it.  If you over think a relationship you will move with too much caution and not enough passion.

Most people stay in the phase of thinking and less actually take action to go for it.  I understand the need to be prepared, to research, to comprehend but you will never have all the answers and nothing is ever going to feel perfect.  You just have to move through life knowing that half of our knowledge comes from academics, reading – thinking – researching – watching and the other half is experiencing, mistakes – achievements – loss – gains – challenges.  Try not to over think it – just Go For It?

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