Sometimes I get a little ache in my left knee. Occasionally I get a a sharp pain in my right shoulder.  Most of the time I am dealing with right lower back, upper hip pain.  Recently I have had neck tightness.  I am also recovering from a back of ankle issue that to this day still keeps me in flip flops at work.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 47

Do You Go Through The Pain?

Have I stopped working out?  No.  Have I made any of these pains worse?  No.  Do I blame others? No.  I just work around it and and work with it and work through it.  I am responsible for my own pain and pleasure.  I can choose to let pain prevent me from enjoying my life or allow it to educate me on living.

Pain is inevitable.  We are going to feel some level of discomfort.  It shouldn’t  stop you from getting what you want.  At times we just have to go through the pain.  Once the damage is done, we have to know how to manage the pain. It’s a part of all healing processes, to go through the pain.  Stop ignoring it. Don’t think you can avoid it.  It’s no one else’s fault.  It won’t go away until you deal with it.

Do you go through the pain?

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