I do not but I will do just about anything for a good cause. I am a sucker for any charity and if it involves providing for children – well sign me up! Yesterday I played nine holes of golf, nine more than I have ever played. I am always humbled by my lack of eye hand coordination. I am always amused by the thoughts that go through my mind like “I look like an idiot”, “I am terrible at this” and my favorite “I suck!” Sort of the same words that a lot of my clients say to me when I teach them a new exercise. So not only did I do something that allowed me to live outside my comfort zone BUT I had to live my own words. “You look like someone trying something new.” “You are new at this, not terrible at this.” “You are trying NOT sucking”. In other words, “You are the only one judging yourself – no one else is.”photo 1 photo 2


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