Every female client of mine knows that I am very strict on enforcing sport bras.  I have specific guidelines that women need to follow in supporting their breast tissue.  It doesn’t matter how small or large you are.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 68

Do You Have Support?

A good sports bra costs about $50-$60.  You buy two of them a year and you can save yourself $8 – $10K in the cost of a breast lift.  I think it’s worth it but so many clients fight with me about getting the right support.

We all need support one way or another.  Whether it be physically with a sports bra, knee brace, specific running shoes or internally with herbs, medication or diet, we need it. Support is tailored to you and fits your needs.  Support is ever changing because our needs change.  If you are giving support you are there for that person and you put aside your needs.  If you are receiving support you take it in graciously because you are cared for.

Do you have support?

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