I set my workout clothes out on the corner of my bed before I sleep.  My water bottle, towel and iPod sits ready to go in a Lululemon bag.  The pot of water sits on the stove along with the coffee grinds in my French press ready to brew.  I set my alarm for 430AM.  In the fitness center by 5AM.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 28

Do You Have The Space?

One of the best ways to shed baggage and create space is to sweat first thing in the morning.  Before you turn on the TV, check your emails, read posts on Facebook or even eat breakfast  – go sweat, exhale, let go. You must give out before you take in. You must purge before you ingest.  You must release before you absorb.

When you do this act first thing in the morning, you will create space to welcome in what can serve you.  You will be available to take in what’s rightfully yours.  You will have an openness to opportunity.  Do you have the space?

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